• Maintain access to our shoreline for the public and free access to the beach for all town residents.  Secure and maintain public access to Lloyds, Taylor Lane, Almy Creek, and the Town Landing.  We need to maintain the cleanliness, safety, and character of our coastline and other natural resources. 
  • We urge our state and utilities to move away from fossil fuels and natural gas and move to 100% renewables.  In Little Compton, we must act in accordance with the Act on Climate goals and accede it when possible by investing in clean energy sources for our town buildings (e.g. school, public safety complex, town hall, community center), and in fuel efficient town-owned vehicles (e.g. police cars, DPW vehicles), and to invest in long-term renewable energy sources like geothermal and off-shore wind energy.   
  • Invest and implement measures that would mitigate the effects of climate change on Little Compton like storm water mitigation, stabilizing power infrastructure, increasing beaver population, and protecting our shoreline from erosion.
  • Implement town composting services at the town’s Transfer Station.