LC now has a leash law, increased parking fines and changes to zoning ordinances

December 7, 2023, was a busy and productive night for the Town Council. However, citizens who didn’t attend that meeting or who didn’t watch its livestream or subsequent recording wouldn’t otherwise have learned about the scope, detail, and impact of the ordinance amendments enacted at the time, including the animal control ordinance. If you don't attend Town Council meetings in person or watch the live YouTube stream, you may not be aware of decisions that apply to all of us in town.

The entire Town Code can be found at LC legislation through 2/22/2024.

Dogs Must Be Leashed in Public Spaces

The new leash requirement (Chapter 4 Animal Control ) will provide a more concrete standard by which the police can assess problematic incidents and encounters involving dogs in public spaces. While we want to maintain LC’s country vibe, the reality is that the day-to-day character of the town, both on the landscape and as a fact of our daily lives, represents for most residents an essentially “suburban” way of life. Back in the day, the original ordinance was aimed at farm animals but excluded wording specific to pets. These days most of us have one or more dogs as pets and our public spaces - including our roads - are shared by vehicles, runners, bicyclists, walkers, and dogs. The new ordinance gives police an enforcement tool aimed at curbing problems with dogs deemed a nuisance and the ability to fine dog owners if problems persist.  

Please note that in May 2024, signs will be posted at the town soccer and baseball fields to state that dogs must be leashed per the ordinance. 

Pot and Parking

Ordinances to prohibit cannabis smoking in public and to increase fines for illegal parking were also passed at the December 2023 meeting and are in effect as of January 1st.

Chapter 3 – Police Regulations: to include language regarding the use of cannabis in public

Chapter 5 – Traffic: to increase parking fees

Changes to Zoning Ordinances

Five ordinances involved zoning (Chapter 14). Town Solicitor Anthony DeSisto had advised the Town Council and Planning Board that such changes were necessary to comply with recent amendments of state law, some of which took effect on January 1, 2024. These zoning amendment proposals included:

Chapter 14-2.7 – Land nonconforming by area

Chapter 14-5.5 – Accessory Dwelling Units (adopted on February 22, 2024 by the Town Council in response to citizens' concerns about the December 7 decision)

Chapter 14-9.1 – Enforcement

Chapter 14-9.4 – Zoning Board Voting

Chapter 14-9.5 a – Special Use Permits Standards

Chapter 14-9.6 – Dimensional Variance Standards

Please take the time to stay informed on changes to local laws!