The Little Compton Democratic Town Committee adopted the following resolution earlier this month in response to the crisis at the border - see below. 

One of our email list members was also kind enough to forward this information about another sister organization:

Resolution on the Crisis at the Border

We the Democratic Town Committee of Little Compton, Rhode Island condemn the United States Government's inhumane treatment of refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers, and the racism that fuels these policies.

We call upon our local, state, and federal representatives to use their powers to ensure our government will immediately and permanently:

Cease the policy of criminalization and incarceration of asylum seekers on our Southern border.
Cease the arrests by ICE of undocumented US residents who have committed no crime other than unauthorized entry.
Cease the unlawful separation of families at the borders and in communities and expedite the reunion of children with their families.
Ensure humane treatment of people who are entitled to due process.

We encourage our neighbors to contact their legislators to express concern about these issues and to donate money and/or volunteer for organizations providing services to those affected such as RAICES, AMOR, DORCAS and the ACLU.  

Our government’s current policies and actions are inhumane and are a clear violation of human rights. They must be stopped now. History tells us that silence is complicity.

Let it be known that this resolution was passed and adopted by a unanimous vote by the Little Compton Democratic Town Committee on August 6th, 2019.