SLAMM map (Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model) for LC
This shows current coastal areas with projections of 1,3,and 5 foot sea level rises. 
RI Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan 
An ongoing project by the CRMC involving many other regional institutions to study sea level rise, coastal erosion, etc. 
History Above Water
A really great example of public outreach about climate change affecting a Rhode Island community can be seen in this PDF booklet. We see the singular character of Rhode Island and it's citizens thinking progressively about a massive problem that looms ahead.
Watershed Counts
A working group led by The Coastal Institute and the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program that has published annual reports since 2010 focusing on 'accelerating sea level rise, rising water temperatures, and growing intensity of storms' in Narragansett Bay.