Promoting Civility, Transparency and Access to Public Information

Small-town government depends on the involvement and participation of its citizens. For too long, the Little Compton Town Council has kept residents in the dark about Council business. The current Council discourages citizen participation by 1) limiting access to public information; 2) not providing adequate time for people to voice concerns during meetings; 3) using an antiquated audio system that makes it difficult to hear discussions among themselves; and 4) too often reacting to public input in a defensive manner. No one should be afraid to voice an opinion or concern at TC meetings. The five Democrats running for LC Town Council will treat all residents with respect, regardless of personal opinion or political party. We will make public meeting materials readily available on a constantly updated town website. We will conduct town business in an open, inclusive and deliberative manner. In these difficult times, this is how we will all move forward together.