Little Compton Town Council — Do your job

Published by the Sakonnet Times on Sunday, October 7, 2018 12:00 am

My name is Jeremy Allen and I am running for Little Compton Town Council. I have been a business owner in Little Compton for over 20 years, and know the process for filling empty positions within an organization.

Ever since our last town administrator stepped down in July 2017, the Little Compton Town Council has been completely silent in hiring a replacement, until their last meeting when they voted to start interviews right before the election. 

Last year, one of their solutions was to appoint the Town Council president as the interim town administrator last November. Just imagine if the chairperson of the Little Compton School Committee decided to serve as the superintendent when a vacancy opened up. In the same 14-month time period, the school committee managed to complete a full search for the superintendent position with a search committee composed of a cross section of the community. The current Town Council is rushing, before an election, to do a job they should have done 14 months ago.

Jeremy Allen

Democratic candidate for Little Compton Town Council