Little Compton can take simple step into 21st century

Posted by the Sakonnet Times onĀ Saturday, October 13, 2018 12:00 am

We are all aware Little Compton has a substantial senior population as well as many summer residents who live out of state. These taxpayers in particular are not properly served by current video technology.

Although local volunteers have diligently recorded town meetings over the past several years at relatively low cost, many communities embrace digital services that permit live streaming of Town Council meetings at reasonably minor expense. This service enables any interested citizen to watch the meetings in real time or view them at a later date from the digital archives.

The present technology also assures timely advance knowledge of the issues to be addressed in each meeting which has often been lacking. Moreover, it would further provide an alternative to attending for those residents concerned with hazards associated with darkness or adverse weather. The democratic slate looks forward to improving public participation in this way and more.

Heath Comley

Democrat for Little Compton Town Council