Town Council Update - Spring 2019

We are grateful to the voters of Little Compton for honoring us with election to the Little Compton Town Council in November 2018. We especially appreciate the efforts of the Little Compton Democratic Town Committee to support us and our fellow Democratic candidates—Jeremy Allen, Heath Comley, and Karen Ryan. Working together, we came within fewer than ten votes of achieving a Democratic majority on the Town Council.

As it is, we are the first Democrats to be elected to the Town Council since 2004. Since being sworn in on November 15, 2018, we have attempted to work constructively with our three Republican colleagues to bring some new perspectives, ideas, and energy to town government. So far, we have dealt with a variety of significant issues and decisions:


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Budget Committee Vacancies

About the Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is charged by the Town Charter to aggregate information, investigate all requests for town funds, and recommend a level of funding to the voters so that they can be better informed at the Financial Town Meeting. The Committee produces a report once a year and mails it to each voter in the town detailing the requests the Town has received and the recommendations the Committee has made. The time commitment is typically one meeting per month from Sep-Nov, then bimonthly from Jan-May in preparation for the Financial Town Meeting. There is also typically a June meeting.