In January 2024, broad new affordable housing laws will take effect across RI (RI General Laws 45-53-3). The package of bills focuses on tenant protections, creation of a statewide rental registry, adaptive re-use and issues specific to affordable housing. Although the new laws were shaped for the state's larger cities and towns, town officials in Little Compton (LC) are in the process of reviewing and amending their zoning and building regulations to make sure LC complies where applicable.

A proposed law related to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) was excluded from the 2023 legislation but is likely to be enacted at a future date.  The topic of ADUs is of importance to LC residents who already have or may wish to add an additional unit on their property.

The issue of affordability in Little Compton has been simmering for several years as market prices soar.  In 2021-22, The Housing Trust had the foresight to conduct a survey to gather comments on housing needs in Little Compton, which was followed by a presentation to the Town Council

Scroll alphabetically to The Housing Trust section on the Town of Little Compton website to view additional documents that were produced during the survey and data gathering process, as well as the mission statement for The Housing Trust. The survey results have formed the basis for LC's initial steps in addressing the very real problem of affordability.

In 2024 the Housing Trust is planning to begin construction on 4 affordable housing units on a parcel of land purchased in 2023 in conjunction with the Planning and Zoning Boards. Stay tuned as this project progresses and, in parallel, our town officials respond to the requirements of the new housing laws.

For more information at the state level, see: HousingWorksRI