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2020 Democratic Primary

Why should I vote in the Democratic Primary?

There are two important races on the Primary ballot this year:

Democratic candidate for State Representative for District 71

Our unanimous choice is for Michelle McGaw. She has shown her dedication to smart climate policy, reproductive rights, and fair and affordable healthcare through her years of advocacy at the State House. For more information, please visit her website and consider volunteering for her campaign.

Representative for District Committee - District 71

If you’ve never heard of the District Committee, you’re not alone. This is an apparatus of the RI Democratic Party which formally endorses candidates during Democratic primaries, indicated by an asterisk next to the name of the candidate on the ballot. A lot of voters choose candidates just because of the asterisk.

In this way, the endorsement becomes a small but significant lever of power. Many voters assume the endorsed candidates have been vetted by local town leaders or rank-and-file Democrats. However, most often the District Committee comprises family and friends of incumbents and endorses candidates preferred by state party leaders. That’s how things have worked in our district.

We believe the District Committee should not serve as yet-another tool to perpetuate centralized control of the RI Democratic Party. We have put up a full slate of candidates for this committee, and we hope you will support them: Chris Goulart, Anya Rader Wallack, Glenn Diana Sherman, Michelle McGaw, Maureen Morrow 

Our team will make an honest effort to vet candidates and endorse only those who will best serve our town.



How to Vote by Mail in the Democratic Primary

  • In order to vote in the primary, you have to be registered by Aug. 9.
  • You must apply for a mail-in ballot by sending this form to the LC Board of Canvassers.
  • The application form must arrive at the Board of Canvassers by August 18 at 4:00PM.
  • You will receive a ballot in the mail. Complete the ballot and send back to the RI Board of Elections OR drop off your ballot at Little Compton Town Hall in the drop box. 
  • Your ballot must arrive at the RI Board of Elections or the LC Town Hall by 8:00PM on Primary Election Day, September 8. 
  • For more information, see the RI Secretary of State website.

How to Vote Early in Person in the Democratic Primary

  • In order to vote in the primary, you have to be registered by Aug. 9.
  • Starting August 19, you can go to the Little Compton Town Hall Town Clerk’s entrance from 8:00am-4:00pm Mon-Fri.  There, the staff will provide you with a ballot and a private location to complete it. 
  • Last day to submit a ballot is Primary Election Day, Tuesday, September 8.
  • For more information, see the RI Secretary of State website.

Consider donating to the LC Dems

Of the many annual events scrapped because of COVID-19, we are sorry to have missed you all at our annual Johnnycake Breakfast. This is our single largest fundraiser of the year, and without it we are relying on the continuing generosity of our neighbors to fund our 2020 campaign.

We hope you will consider donating through our ActBlue page. Ours is an entirely volunteer organization. Your funds allow us to pay for our website, print our mailers, and buy yard signs (coming soon!). Please consider donating.